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THIS IS OUR LAST EVENT - Mar 31st, 2007
It's official.....Davey's is no longer.

With the last box being loaded on to the all came to an end. Thanks go out to all who showed up yesterday to help us.......Nikki, Anna, Steven, Eric, Adam, Joseph, Zach, (even Melissa.....hehe). A huge thanks go out to all of our customers who supported us in our time in Mason. I know it wasn't an easy road for some of you to take......but we are very thankful you did.

How sad is it, that so many people in Mason were so happy to see us leave.....when we came to town, our goal was to have a laid back, place to shop and chill. We tried to help at every chance......we embraced all people and did not judge.....we did not sell or use drugs (as some of our fellow business owners told others).....we did not cheat or lie.....we did not tell stories behind others backs to ruin them, even tho we had many chances. Can you just imagine if we had followed: "Do onto others....."

We did, however, commit one deadly crime that most of the town just wouldn't put up with. We showed what it was like to be tolerant and giving with no preferance. Apparently that is not a "Hometown USA" value and I found if you break the "code" must die.

As I have said before......I am very ashamed to be a part of such a narrow minded and hate filled community......from the hate emails, phone calls, the eggs on our storefront to the slashing of tires.....and to those who walked in my store and felt they had the right to get in my face, some Mason residents, felt it was their civic duty to put me and my store in its "place"......but when the leaders in our community break the law, behave inapropriately, and set terrible examples, who do our adults look up to then? So I was not shocked when these things happened......just ashamed.

It is true we didn't fit in.....but that was the goal. We felt that Mason had plently of hair salons, antiques, law offices.....we tried to provide something for the rest of the community. Good or bad, we did have an impact on the fair town of Mason.

I am sadden by the attitudes that our leaders and other business owners took with Davey's. They took a negitive view of our store, as if we were hurting them somehow. But.......we brought many people to the community, that would have never come to Mason. Many Leslie residents, who had long given up on Mason, had returned. Thanks to the Larry Allen Show, many people ventured to Mason for the first time from Mt. Plesant, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Jackson....the list is endless. They just didn't come to our store....they looked around, bought candy at Keans, had a cup of coffee at Best Sellers, and had dinner at the Baja Grille. Not once in the year and a half we were a part of Hometown USA, did any of Mason's leaders or my fellow business owners stop in to welcome us or even to say hi.......Our first week in town, I walked around and stepped into every retail business and tried to introduced myself.....but many were too busy or unavailable. The only time the fine leaders came into Davey's is when they needed to do damage control or when they felt Davey's was in violation of something.

With all of that said................Davey's will be missed......and we will miss you all as well.

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